• NoumiSatsuki

    Day 1: Mission started. Striking hard Izu Oshima Island. The enemies didn't offer much resistance, so everything went quite well. Just as we expected, our platoon's casualty were pretty low. We brought quite a lot of resources with us from earlier campaigns and quests, plus we found some good resources supplies from the newly received quests, so there should be no problem. Or so I thought. Later that day, Izu Oshima was our.

    Day 2: We marched toward Toshima Island. Completely different from Izu Oshima, the Unknown's forces here were really strong. We suffered heavy casualty on almost every battle. Our healthy resources supply betrayed us, as it slowly got drained away. Our scientists from the Level 7 Laboratory Room tried hard to refill the…

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  • Kololz


    Due to the increasing contributors in Shooting Girls, contributors have been editing this wiki in their own way. This is a good start for this wiki, but a evenually led with a problem with different formats in different page.

    Today I'll talk about the page of Gun Girls.

    To be serious, I've used the format #1 for the pages I've edited, but eventually another good format came up in other page.

    We might need to vote for it, and it is even better if you have said your reason or what makes to be a good format for this game. Other format suggestions i.e. Kancolle Wikia's format, are allowed.

    Also I've made a Template(Template:Guninfobox) in reference to Kanc…

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  • ArcticaFrost

    Quick blog

    August 4, 2015 by ArcticaFrost

    Modernization 3 times

    Type 1:

    Type 1:

    Front Row: +Eva -Accuracy

    Back row: +Damage -Defense


    Front Two: +Eva -Accuracy

    Middle Two: +Damage -Defense

    Back Two: +Accuracy -Evasion

    Type 3:

    Front 2: +Eva -Accuracy

    Middle 2: +Damage -Defense

    Back 2: +Defense -Damage

    Type 4:

    Front 2 and Middle 2: +Movement -Damage

    Third: +Damage -Defense

    Back: +Accuracy -Evasion

    Type 5:

    Front 3: +Evasion -Accuracy

    Middle 2: +Damage -Defense

    Back: +Accuracy -Evasion

    Type 6:

    Front: +Evasion -Accuracy

    Middle 2: +Damage -Defense

    Back 3: +Accuracy -Evasion

    すべて任せる - Nothing

    正面侵攻 - Front invasion 

    南迂回侵攻 - South bypass invasion

    北迂回侵攻 - North bypass invasion

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