Character Info

Kajiwara Mako(?)

No. 47 梶原真子

Hg symbolCZ-G2000

HP 990(1397) CT 150(150)
Firepower 1089(????) Accuracy 446(????)
Defense 396(????) Evasion 327(????)
Speed 496(????) Luck 100(180)
Range 1-2 Terrain (Data)
Slot 1 Lv. 1 Required
Slot 2 Lv. ? Required
Slot 3 Lv. ? Required
Slot 4 Lv. ? Required
Slot 5 Lv. ? Required
[(leader skill/low chance/moderate chance)]

Character Description

"ちあ、始めましょう。"(Translate to English)

2nd year, class 3

Student number 4

Height: 166cm

"(Character Description in Gun List (生徙名簿) ."

CZ-G2000 - An Czechoslovakia-Made Handgun That Venezuelan Police Used

"チェコスロバキアで開発されたCZ-G2000の初登場は1999年、材質はポリマー製になります。2005年まではヨーロッパ市場のみで販売されておりました。使用弾薬は9mmパラベラム弾と.40S&W弾。装弾数は各々15/19発と12/15発……その堅牢性は評価されており、-40℃の環境でも操作が可能となっております。" (Translate to English)

Skill: N/A


Event Japanese English Trivia
Introduction I'm Mako Kajiwara. I'm not sure how far my finely honed archery skill will take me but, I'll do my best. Pleased to make your acquaintance.


Voice: 結城飛鳥


G2000 Handgun was popular among terrorist, moldovian terrorist, Boko Haram, and especially ISIS-Backed Organisation due ease of maintain. This however, no longer happened due strict law gun spreading.

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