Character Info

"Now, welcome to the battlefield!!" - Ana

Hotokesaka Ana

No. 19 仏坂アナ

Ar symbolFAMAS F1

Char c 10019
HP 1815(2452) CT 150(150)
Firepower 1694(2361) Accuracy 545(705)
Defense 697(1177) Evasion 271(342)
Speed 509(585) Luck 100(180)
Range 2-4 Terrain City
Slot 1 Lv. 1
Slot 2 Lv. 1
Slot 3 Lv. ?
Slot 4 Lv. ?
Slot 5 Lv. ?
[(leader skill/low chance/moderate chance)]
All platoon members gain 4% ATK

Character Info
Year 2nd


Student number 7
Height  154 cm
Background Runs through the battlefield wielding a FA-MAS discovered at the site of a French embassy in Minato, Tokyo. Originally from the hills of Kobe. Possibly because of her origins, she has a way of speaking like she's looking down on you, but she doesn't mean any offense (or should). 
Weapon  details

FA MAS - The Bullpup Rifle Used By the French Military

The FA-MAS was formally adopted into the French military in 1977. It features a bullpup design with its magazine being stored in the stock, behind the grip. Because of this it has an overall short length. A bipod is standard with it to help increase accuracy, and a bayonet can be installed at the top of the barrel. Incidentally, countries that have adopted it are often ex-French territories.



In-game Info


  • C cup 
  • She is the First Character to have an animated character graphic. (Viewable in The Classroom, and in squad organization section).


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