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Yura Koikawa (恋川 ゆら)


Year 2, Class 2. 4 feet 11 inches tall. Formerly went to Koikawa Girls' High School, and is the daughter of the chief director there. She has a predilection for girls, and having already seduced most of the girls at Koikawa High, she enrolled to seek out new targets.

Range | Field of expertise:

4-7 / City


Eagle eyes

[Fog weather] Your eyes of light dissolve the fog nullifying negative weather effects.

Char register 10089


"If you were cute I'd look right past you"

- Motto

"This Gerpard is a useful counter-terrorism piece. Whenever, wherever! So please don't take me off your team, okay?"

"I'm already satisfied with it's basic capabilities, but since I have a picatinny rail, expanding it's capabilities will surely fire things up."

"Hyaaghn! Wh-what are you touching...? G-Geez!"

- When clicked on


CV: Fujita Shizuku


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