From: Himeuta New event just like the normal events. Kill things in event map. Get medals. Automatically receive rewards when you get enough. The new aspect of this event is the stationary enemy targets. There's walls that just soak up damage, and turrets with long range on some maps. There's a gun turret which does multiple hits, laser turret which is single shot, and missile turret which does AOE. SMG, LMG, and AMR get damage bonus against the walls and cannons. Currently, only up to 2-10 can be unlocked. 3-1 will be released on 12/4 (Fri).

Event special girls are as follows (new in bold) ☆4 AR Type 64 ☆4 SMG PM-84 Glauberyt ★4 AMR Accuracy International AS50 ★3 HG Beretta M93R ☆3 LMG M60 ☆3 AR LR-300 ML ☆3 HG Glock 19 ☆2 USSR RPD

☆4 ATK 1.5x Liberation Rate +2% Medal Rate +0.5x

☆3 ATK 1.25x Liberation Rate +1.5% Medal Rate +0.3x

☆2 ATK 1.1x Liberation Rate: +1% Medal Rate +0.1x

The graphic in-game shows a different liberation rate than the event notes. The event notes should be correct, otherwise ☆2 would give +0% liberation rate based on the decrease.

The new girls from scouting also receive a +80% XP bonus on missions.

Interclass stat comparisons of new girls based on the list of girls from before this event: ☆4 SMG PM-84 Glauberyt

HP: 1st ATK: 3rd DEF: 1st ACC: 2nd EVA: 3rd SPD: 1st Growth Rate: Normal Skill: Commander When leader, +4% ATK to platoon

☆ Beretta 92FS HP: 1st ATK: 4th DEF: 1st ACC: 2nd EVA: 2nd SPD: 3rd Growth Rate: ? Skill: ? Event Reward for clearing E-3-10

☆3 LMG M60 HP: 3rd ATK: 3rd DEF: 5th ACC: 3rd EVA: 8th SPD: 9th Growth Rate: Normal Skill: Rain of Bullets After attacking an enemy, if they survive, there is a chance to attack them again.

☆3 AR LR-300 ML HP: 11th ATK: 14th DEF: 9th ACC: 9th EVA: 1st SPD: 5th

Growth Rate: Normal Skill: Camoflauge When an enemy attacks, there is a chance to ignore the damage dealt. Can only activate once.

☆3 SMG KRISS Vector Stats: ? Event Reward for 7000 Medals.

PM-84 Glauberyt is a very good SMG. 92FS is a very good HG. Don't know what her skill is as it was unlisted though. M60 is a pretty good LMG. BSA has a similar skill with a 35% activation rate. This one is probably lower since her rank is lower and it has a different name, but it's still a powerful skill. LR-300 ML is pretty bad. Basically the weakest of all ☆3 ARs. Skill is pretty trash too. If I got her, I wouldn't use her if it were not for the event bonus. KRISS Vector's stats are unlisted, but she's an event reward.

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