2015-08-11, right after the Start Dash Campaign ended.


08-25-2015, at the start of maintenance.


In preparation for the event for the transfer students coming next term, we will be clearing out the UnKnown scattered about the Izu Islands.

Event Details, Specials

Around the islands, you can collect [Amber Medals] to receive various items as rewards.

Remember to collect your rewards and complete your missions before the maintenance on the 25th, as they will disappear afterwards.

Some example of the rewards:

10x = Scout Tickets x10

3000x = ★3 Steyr AUG

5000x = ★4 FP-45

6000x = ★3 Walther P39

10000x = ★4 M24 SWS

Do note that the AUG is different than AUG A3.

FP-45 is apparently just training fodder. She acts as a duplicate of whatever character you're training to give them one of their hidden tactics, and gives +300 HP and +40 Luck. Her stats are apparently garbage tier and unusable in combat.

It requires 4x S per map to clear, so that should be around 24x sorties total and 1800 Steel/Gunpowder to finish E-1 with 240 Medals. Also something to consider is that there is a chance for drops to include either 38 steel or gunpowder, so it should be a little bit less.

E-2 takes 7~10 sorties to clear each map. 11% for a B, 16% for an S. 77/77 per run. 20 Medals per clear.

Every 100 medals until 1000 medals gives you 400/400 Metal/Gunpowder, so it can help you keep going for a bit, but in E-1, 100 medals costs 750/750 in sorties.

Map List

Island 1 - Izu Oshima

Island 2 - Toshima

Island 3 - Niijima

Island 4 - Shikinejima

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