Karen Nishido

No. 16 西戸 可憐

Hg symbolTokarev TT-33

Char c 10016
HP 1045(????) CT 150
Firepower 1150(????) Accuracy 471(???)
Defense 418(???) Evasion 345(???)
Speed 524(???) Luck 90(??)
Range 1-2 Terrain Cold
Slot 1 lvl. 1
Slot 2 (Lvl req)
Slot 3 (Lvl req)
Slot 4 (Lvl req)
Slot 5 (Lvl req)
[Low chance]
Approaching enemy moves back one space when using a normal attack

Character information:

Because she is a newly transferred in rookie, her equipment is only government-issued items that were requisitioned from various places. Her combat capability is around average, but she has outstanding courage, enough to come back from the verge of death many times. It's said that she has the type of bad luck where she would die immediately. 
Gun information
The Tokarev is an automatic handgun created by Soviet Union!! This gun was devoted only to raising productivity and burst power, so even safety devices were not included. Because of its simplified features, it has high endurance. The ammo it uses are 7.62x25mm rounds. The bullet is lighter, so it has a short range, but it contains a lot of gunpowder so its initial velocity is very high. Other than the Soviet Union, it had licensed production in other communist countries. 


Event Japanese Engish
Introduction I'm Karen Nishido! I don't know much about anything... so please teach me!
Motto Nishito here, doin' work with my Tokarev!

Character Voice: 

Marika Kouno



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