Kazuho Miyuki

No. 74 深雪 かずほ

Sr symbolMauser 98K

Char c 10074
HP 1359(1908) CT 200
Firepower 1765(2398) Accuracy 393(514)
Defense 418(647) Evasion 234(287)
Speed 250(295) Luck 100(180)
Range 3-6 Terrain Tropics
Slot 1 Lv. 1
Slot 2 Promotion
Slot 3 Expansion
Slot 4 Expansion
Slot 5 Expansion
Lucky shot
[Low chance]
Increase damage dealt by 1.3 when attacking

Gun info

A military gun produced by Germany during reparations.

A bolt action rifle that was used in Germany between the 1930s and 50s. It's a standard infantry weapon with good accuracy and durability, but it's pretty heavy, and can only hold 5 rounds, unfortunately. At the start of WWII the Kar98k was fitted with an infrared system to help aim in the dark, but this required external power and weighed in st around 15kg. Still though, say what you want about it, but this right here is a weapon that revolutionized modern warfare, I'd say...


Event Japanese English
Introduction I'm Kazuho Miyuki. Though the Karabiner 98k isn't the latest model, it's rarely off target. Such a good little gun. Nice to meet you!
Motto I-I'm sorry! Firing now!


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