Miharu Katagiri

No. 45 片桐美晴

Sg symbolKel-tec KSG12

HP 1980(2687) CT 100
Firepower 1210(1876) Accuracy 578(705)
Defense 750(1287) Evasion 165(208)
Speed 415(475) Luck 100(180)
Range 1-2 Terrain Tropics
Slot 1 Lv. 1
Slot 2 Lv. 1
Slot 3 Lv. ?
Slot 4 Lv. ?
Slot 5 Lv. ?
Soft Body
[(leader skill/low chance/moderate chance)]
Nullify enemy's attack when attacked from 1 tile range

Gun Info

The first thing you might notice about the Kel-Tech KSG12 is its sort of futuristic look. It's a bullpup type shotgun with two tube-magazines stored below the barrel. By flipping the selector you can switch between two types of ammo, giving you versatility in any number of situations. With these magazines it holds around 12 to 14 + 1 rounds. This just came out back in 2011, by the way.


Introduction: I'm Miharu Katagiri. I'm confident in my physical prowess! Pleased to meet you, Instructor!

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