Nanami Fuwa

No. {{{id}}} 不和 ナナミ

Smg symbolFN P90

Char c 10003
HP 1430(????) CT (Data)
Firepower 1436(????) Accuracy 545(????)
Defense 682(????) Evasion (Data)
Speed (Data) Luck (Data)
Range (Data) Terrain (Data)
Slot 1 lvl.1
Slot 2 lvl,1
Slot 3 (Lvl req)
Slot 4 (Lvl req)
Slot 5 (Lvl req)
[(leader skill/low chance/moderate chance)]

Character information:

Freshman member of the track and field club. She had a bright future as a nationally ranked long-distance runner. Thanks perhaps to her exceptional stamina, she excels at guerrilla warfare using a relatively light P90.
Weapon details
The P90 was developed in 1988 by the Belgian firearms manufacturer FN Herstal. This gun was originally developed for spec op forces to save them the hassle of lugging around rifles. It's compact and easy to use, and it has its own special 5.7mm ammunition!! It's built to penetrate bullet-proof vests, and designed to quickly lose momentum when it ricochets, making it absolutely perfect for narrow, indoor, close-quarter skirmishes!! One heck of a piece, right?!


Event Quote
Introduction I'm Nanami Fuwa. This P90 is easy even for a girl to shoot, so don't treat me like a novice.
Motto It's a PDW, not a toy!

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