Juri Yoshizawa

No. 56 (Japanese Name)

Smg symbolPP-19-01 Vityaz

HP 1430(????) CT 100
Firepower 968(???) Accuracy 495(???)
Defense 500(???) Evasion 287(???)
Speed 509(???) Luck 95(??)
Range 1-2 Terrain City
Slot 1 lvl.1
Slot 2 lvl.1
Slot 3 Open after promotion
Slot 4 Expandable after promotion
Slot 5 Expandable after promotion
Iron wall
[Leader skill]
All platoon members gain 3% def

Character information:

Originally a student in the entertainment department and was a very talented singer, but after most of her friends were killed in an enemy ambush during a soldier condolence ceremony, she committed herself to fighting on the front lines. She hasn't sung a single note since that horrific day.


Event Japanese English
Introduction I'm Juri Yoshizawa. Wielder of the Vityaz, which is of Kalashnikov lineage. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Motto Juri Yoshizawa, commencing assault.
Clicked The durability and reliability of my Vitayaz is world class... It's user might break before it does.
Clicked My Vitayaz was remodelled around an AK. It's distinctive trait is its ease of use through its reduced height.
Clicked Nnngghh... What's with all the sudden touching?

Character voice:

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