Busujima Reina

No. 8 毒島 玲奈

Sr symbolPSG-1

Char c 10008
HP 1430(2008) CT 200
Firepower 1850(2545) Accuracy 413(548)
Defense 440(669) Evasion 246(299)
Speed 263(300) Luck 95(171)
Range 3-6 Terrain City
Slot 1 Lv. 1
Slot 2 Lv. 1
Slot 3 Promotion
Slot 4 Expansion
Slot 5 Expansion
Hand of Blood
[Low chance]
Decrease enemy's HP to 10.

Gun info

PSG-1 - The Work of Art Created From Olympic Tragedy

A sniper rifle developed in the wake of the Munich Olympic incident - that is the PSG-1. After picking up the high precision accuracy from H&K's G3 rifle, this gun was produced by artisans, and because of that, the price is quite high. The explosive spread is difficult to work with, but it has a lot of experience from groups like special forces and elite troops who have adopted it.


Event Japanese English Trivia
Introduction My name is Reina Busujima. I will provide support as a sniper. Pleased too meet you.
Motto I'll defeat you today as well.



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