What is Shooting Girl?

Shooting Girl Tutorial 1
Shooting Girl is a round based strategy game that takes place in an alternate Tokyo that was invaded and conquered by a mysterious enemy, currently called "Unknown". Now a dead land, people turned toward the only counteroffensive force left in this country, a land warfare group made up of armed schoolgirls. 

You are a tactical instructor assigned to Lily.L.A. Boot camp, a school created to train schoolgirls in the art of shooting. Establish and upgrade your school facility, enhances your forces, select students to organize the appropriate squad, make use of clever strategy and tactics to overtake the battlefield. You will now embark on a journey with your girls to reclaim the 23 wards of Tokyo. 


How do I play Shooting Girl?

Shooting girl puts you on a mission to reclaim the 23 wards of Tokyo taken by an "Unknown" force. Below is your classroom, the main page where you'll be spending most of your time with.

Shooting girls Tutorial 2

Each area will have a number of missions to complete. By winning battles, your mission achievement rate will increase. By repeating sorties and raising the achievement rate to 100%, you will clear the mission. When you clear all the missions in an area, you can sortie in a new area. 

What are the Classes?

There are currently 7 different classes of gun-girls, each with their own unique properties. The 7 classes are as follow:

Hand Gun (HG)

  • Range: 1~2 (Close Range)
  • A lightweight weapon with fast mobility and strong evasion.

Submachine Gun (SMG)

  • Range: 1~2 (Close Range)
  • When firing at a target, they can hit everything up to 1 hex away (9 hex area) and deal damage.

Shotgun (SG)

  • Range: 1~2 (Close Range)
  • They have high accuracy, and very good defense. However, their movements are slow.

Light Machine gun (LMG)

  • Range: 2~3 (Mid Range)
  • When firing at a target, they can hit everything up to 1 hex away (9 hex area) and deal damage. Higher ATK than SMGs.

Assault Rifle (AR)

  • Range: 2~4 (Mid Range)
  • A very balanced set of stats, suitable for any battlefield.

Sniper Rifle (SR)

  • Range: 3~6 (Long Range)
  • Attacks from long range for precise damage, an orthodox long range weapon.

Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR)

  • Range: 4~7 (Long Range)
  • Of the normal use weapons, these possess the longest range and highest damage. However, unique to this weapon type is it requires a one-action set-up time before being able to attack.
  • In addition to this, when an enemy enters within 1 hex of a unit, they may be able to delay them using their Zone of Control (ZOC). Depending on the weapon type, the enemy's next action can be delayed by a certain amount: SG (Large), HG & SMG (Medium), AR & LMG (Small), SR & AMR (None)

What does the Formation do?

Each formation has their pros and cons. There are currently 6 formations avialable to choose. Depending on where you place your girl, there will be bonus buff and debuff applied to them so choose wisely. 

You can put your girls outside the grid that provides buff/debuff.

Formation Modifier Grid
Type 1

Front (3): +6% Evasion, -6% Accuracy

Back (3): +6% Damage, -6% Defense

ShG F T1
Type 2

Front (2): +3% Evasion, -3% Accuracy

Middle (2): +3% Damage, -3% Defense

Back (2): +3% Accuracy, -3% Evasion

ShG F T2
Type 3

Front (2): +3% Evasion, -3% Accuracy

Middle (2): +3% Defense, -3% Damage

Back (2): +6% Defense, -6% Damage

ShG F T3
Type 4

Front (2): +6% Movement, -6%Damage

Middle (2): +3% Movement, -3%Damage

Back (1): +6% Damage, -6% Defense

Far Back (1): +6% Accuracy, -6% Evasion

ShG F T4
Type 5

Front (3): +6% Evasion, -6% Accuracy

Middle (2): +6% Damage, -6% Defense

Back (1): +6% Accuracy, -6% Evasion

ShG F T5
Type 6

Front (1): +6% Evasion, -6% Accuracy

Middle (2): +6% Damage, -6% Defense

Back (3): +6% Accuracy, -6% Evasion

ShG F T6

Outdoor Conditions

Like reality, weather condition can affect the performance of gun due to many factors. So you should consider this into selecting your team if you have girls to switch around.

Shooting Girl Tutorial 2
Weather Type Effects
Clear Weather (晴天) All weapon types are unaffected
Rainy (雨) LMGs, Sniper Rifles, and AMRs: reduced accuracy
Nighttime (夜) Handguns, SMGs, Shotguns, and Assault Rifles: reduced movement speed

LMGs, Sniper Rifles, and AMRs: reduced accuracy

Foggy (濃霧) Handguns, SMGs, Shotguns, and Assault Rifles: reduced movement speed

LMGs, Sniper Rifles, and AMRs: reduced accuracy

Storming (嵐) All weapon types receive reduced movement speed, accuracy, and evasion

What does the Battlefield shows?

Battlefield is where your girls will be doing their battle. You cannot control any of their actions in the battlefield but you can plan the route they might take.

Shooting Girl Tutorial 3

What is BREAK!?:

Think of it as Medium damage (BREAK 1) and Heavy damage (BREAK 2). You can get their damaged CGs from this, each girl having 2 damaged CGs.

What is Bomb Gauge/BURST?

Burst is a gauge skill, which will increases as your girls are damaged. It seems to be based on the HP percentage of your team rather than Damage taken. Therefore, a team of two girls can increase the Bomb gauge faster then six girls since their total HP pool is lower. Additionally, it can also be automatically filled by girls who have the ability to fill up the bomb guage immediately after they get hit).

Once it reaches full gauge, the principal (the one with eye-patch) will call down air support to the battlefield, assisting you by damaging the enemy while leaving your girls unharmed (somehow). The amount of damage it did seems to be a percentage of the enemy's current hp.

What are my girls' stats?

Shooting Girl Tutorial 4

6 is Luck.

The School

When your girls are not busy fighting the "Unknowns" they're at school.

Shooting Girl School Tutorial

What does it show?

  • Workshop: This is where you craft your equipment. Do note that upgrading your Workshop will cause equipment crafting cost (just the money) to increase! Upgrading allows you to put more materials in when crafting. The first upgrade is at level 20. You can't use the faculty while it is upgrading.
  • Science Room: Your resource building. Upgrading the building will increases your resource cap.
  • Clinic: Your typical healing place. You can either heal your girls normally (3rd option) or using HP medicine (4th option) to instantly heal your girls. Upgrading the building will increase the healing rate by 0.5% per level.
  • Office: This is one of the method you'll use to get your cash. Cash inflow rate and Cash cap (for the building) increases as you upgrade the building. Other than the office, you can obtain easy cash by expelling your girls from the school (yes, that sounds crazy).
  • Training Ground: This is where you "think" you're training your girls. Each upgrade will PERMANENTLY increases your girl's Accuracy and Evasion by 2. However, do note that it is split into 3 sections: Short range (1st tab; Covers HG, SMG, SG), Medium Range (2nd tab; Covers LMG and AR) and Long range (3rd tab; Covers AMR and SR). This means you need to upgrade all 3 of them if you want all your girls to get the same amount of buff. 
  • Flower Garden: Flowers are being grown here (or you can obtain it via quests). You use the flowers for the Diva in Music School. More about this Below in the Songstress Option.
  • Music School: Where you give your hard earned flowers to the Diva of your choice. There are 3 Divas available however, we only have information for one right now. More about this Below in the Songstress Option

What is the Songstress option? 

Shooting Girl Music School Tutorial

Songstress cannot be performed until you rescue a "Diva" in 2-4. Rescuing the Diva will open up another two buildings in your school: The flower garden and the music school.

The flower garden will generate flowers (real number is still unknown) and the rate of flower generated and the flower storage cap increases as you level the building up.

The music school is where you give the flower(s) to the Diva. As you give her flower, her satisfaction percentage increases (by 2%(?) per flower); therefore, it requires at least 50 flowers to activate the buff. You can give her 1 flower (increases 2%) or 10 flowers (increases 20%) at once.

The Diva will grant you a buff in the battlefield. The first diva (from 2-4), will gives you an initial 10% increase in damage when sortie into any maps (both normal and event). Upgrading the Music Room will raise the buff's effectiveness by a small percentage (~1%). The buff remains for at 30 mins and will remain throughout the last battle that you sort them out to before the buff expires.

There are two more Divas from 5-5 and 8-6. The 2nd Diva will give you -10% receiving damage.

Is there anything else I should know?


If one of your girl has fallen in a battle, they aren't "die", they're just "fainted". You can heal them to full health.


The number one thing you should remember about equipment equipping for now is that: once you equip an equipment to a girl you CANNOT remove it without destroying it.

Also, currently equipment crafting quest isn't worth it unless you have a lot of money to spare.

Why can't I improve my buildings? I have enough resources!

Building improvement are tied to your Instructor lvl. As you lvl up, you can start improving more facilities. 

How do I get more girls?

In this game, you can obtain more girls via two (or three methods): through daily recruitment, drops in the battlefield or event prize. Daily recruitment can be done by clicking the "shaking hand" icon to obtain your daily draws.

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