Umi Toge

No. 70 x

Amr symbolMcMillan Tac-50

Char c 10070
HP 1430(????) CT 100
Firepower 2050(????) Accuracy 310(???)
Defense 510(???) Evasion 206(???)
Speed 250(???) Luck 100(???)
Range 4-7 Terrain Desert
Slot 1 Lvl.1
Slot 2 Lvl.1
Slot 3 Open After Promotion
Slot 4 Expandable After Promotion
Slot 5 Expandable After Promotion
Sea Hawk
[Low chance]
Increase ACC by 12% wen attacking

Character information:

From the training school of a famous opera troupe. Incidentally, Sora is the older of twin sisters. They both achieved impressive marksmanship skills and then enrolled in the academy. Her sister Umi is the most calm, collected, and deliberate of the two.


Event Quote
Introduction My name is Umi Toge. I'm Sora Toge's little sister. I'm a sniper, so leave precision shots to me.
Motto You want a taste of my exquisite sister here?

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