Event 005
Started Ended
October 27st, 2015 November 10th, 2015

Event Details & Specials

Guncolle Event Core Map Open

During the event, after you successfully completed a battle in normal campaign map, there is a chance that you will be able to "open a gate" to the event map, which will last for 2 hours:

Guncolle Event Core Map Open 2
After 2 hours or after you have defeated the boss, the "gate" will be closed, and you will have to "open" it again to defeat the next boss. Defeating the boss counted for B-, A- and S-rank. There are totally 70 areas in the event map, each guarded by a single boss.

Guncolle Event Core UnknownCore 1
By defeating bosses, you will receive "Unknown Core", which you can use to exchange for various rewards. For each 5 areas you cleared, you will receive a special reward (lots of resource) from Quest.

Some of the rewards: 3000 Cores = ★3 Glock 19 7000 Cores = ★4 Howa Type 64 Battle Rifle

Additional MIssions for equipment and FP-45 rewards

Clear 1-10 5x
Clear 1-20 5x
1-5 without HG
1-15 without SR
1-25 without AMR
1-35 without SG
1-45 without AR

From Himeuta: Combined damage reward: Unknown Base HP can be seen below the game UI. HP is depleted based on the level of the Large-type Unknown defeated (level 1 = 1 HP). All players contribute to this amount. Upon reaching certain milestones, rewards will be given out to all players.

Certain guns give bonus towards clearing the event New guns are: ★3 HG: Nagant M1895
★3 AR: Calico M100
Old guns are:

★4 LMG:M240B
090 card

★3 SMG: PP-19 Bizon
032 card

★2 AMR: Gepard GM6 Lynx
Char c 10089

★2 SMG:H&K MP5

Damage: 4x
Appearance Rate: +30%
Drop Amount: 1.5x
Damage: 2x
Appearance Rate: +15%
Drop Amount:1.2x
Damage: 1.5x
Appearance Rate: +5%
Drop Amount:1.1x

Over 200 000 Campaign

1. [Hotokesaka Ana] moves!
The first character to receive animated character graphic will be FA-MAS
2. 11x Scouting Currently, ticket scouting has a 5% chance to get a ★4
The first 11x Scouting you do will now be 1500 Points
The second 11x Scouting will have 10% chance to get a ★4
Doing 11x Scouting 3 times will guarantee ★4 SMG: B&T APC9 SMG
3. All items in the shop are 25% off Lasts until 11/4 4. Special Emblem Present
A special emblem will be given out to all players on 11/10 to commemorate 200000 players

New Guns:

★3 HG: Nagant M1895 Fairly average HG stats, but she can heal

★4 SMG: B&T APC9 SMG New top SMG. Highest HP, damage, hit, dodge, critical, second highest luck, fairly high defense. One of the slower SMGs though.

★3 AR: Calico M100 High HP, defense, and speed. Fairly average on every other stat

★2 HG: Glock 19 Seems like an average HG. Says she has a dodging based skill, but her actual dodge stat seems rather average.

★2 AR: Howa Type 64 Battle Rifle For whatever reason, she has the highest ATK of any AR, beating FAMAS and Magpul Masada by 500 at cap. Still fairly strong at level 40 too, though some guns like FAL, AK-47, AK-74 beat her. Sasuga nippon. Everything else is average though.

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