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Event Details & Specials

Guncolle Event Core Map Open

During the event, after you successfully completed a battle in normal campaign map, there is a chance that you will be able to "open a gate" to the event map, which will last for 2 hours:

Guncolle Event Core Map Open 2
After 2 hours or after you have defeated the boss, the "gate" will be closed, and you will have to "open" it again to defeat the next boss. Defeating the boss counted for B-, A- and S-rank. There are totally 50 areas in the event map, each guarded by a single boss.

Guncolle Event Core UnknownCore 1
By defeating bosses, you will receive "Unknown Core", which you can use to exchange for various rewards. For each 5 areas you cleared, you will receive a special reward (lots of resource) from Quest. Clearing area 1-50 will give you 100k Money and 10k resources each.

Some of the rewards:

- 7000x: ★4 FN FAL

- 3000x: ★3 KAC 6x35mm POW

- 4000x: ★4 FP-45

- 2000x: ★3 FP-45

- 450x: Container Key x10

- 1450x: Scout Ticket x10

- 2375x: HP Recovery Medicine x5

- 475x: Bouquet x10

- 250x: Removal Spray x1 (remove equipped item)

- 1000x: Carpenter's Tool x1 (instant build facility)

- 2500x: Instructor's Memory x1 (change default "state" of a ganmusu. You can see her in Break 1/2 state even though she is in full heath.)

- 275x: 10k Money


  1. Each player will receive an AK-74
    as present. Using her in team will give you +5% chance of "opening the gate", +10% Unknown Core drop and +50% damage on event boss. However, the dmg buff only applies to herself.
    • The new girls from the drawings will also have these buffs if you're able to get them. 
  2. The higher District you do battle, the more event areas you can access.
    • By winning a battle in District 1, you will get access from event area 1-1 to 1-10.
    • For District 2, it's 1-1 to 1-30 and so on. 
  3. The event bosses have pretty low damage, however they have a HUGE amount of HP, a really large AOE attack (about 9 hex, I think) and counter-attack skill. 
  4. Boss's level will be increased by 1 for each area. The higher the boss, the more Unknown Core you can get, the more painful it will become.
  5. You have until the end of the event to receive event quest reward, but the item exchange depot will still be available until 24/9.
  6. From 11/9 until the end of the event, drop rate of container will be double.

Debatable vs Confirmed Information

These are information that we noticed but am not 100% confirm yet of why it happen/how.

  1. Boss Moving Bug - This might happened when there's an obstacle between your girl and the boss and the boss don't know which path to take resulting in it moving back and forth. (If it prolonged for too long the battle will timed out).
  2. HP Regen Boss - There's report that the boss HP can regen (~5%), however, what triggers the regeneration is still not confirmed.
  3. Burst Guage vs Boss - Burst Guage damage seems to be related to the Boss' current health. This means that the more health remains on the boss the higher the damage and vice versa. It it best to use this to chip off boss' hp and use your strong team to finish up the boss.

Below are what was confirmed

  1. Boss HP after a battle - Boss HP does not reset after a battle allowing you to keep chipping down boss' hp until it is killed (it'll be impossible to kill it otherwise).
  2. Boss HP after gate closed - Some believed that after the gate closed the boss HP will reset. That was proven to be false. The boss HP will remain as it is the last time you did the run (unless affected by the unconfirmed HP Regen information).

Container - What is it?

There is also a low chance that the boss will drop "Container", which you can use "Container Key" to open to receive additional rewards.

Guncolle Event Core Container 1

The options:

Guncolle Event Core Container 2

Some possible rewards:

Guncolle Event Core Container 3

Boss Info

1 7200 1080 461 131
11 57200 1340 494 143
20 102200 1574 521 160
30 152200 1834 559 180
40 202200 2094 599 200
50 252200 2354 693 220

Each level, boss's HP will be increased by 5000 and ATK by 26. All bosses have counter-attack skill.

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