Kaname miyamoto

No. 60 (Japanese Name)

Smg symbolWalther MPL

Char c 10060
HP 1427(???) CT 100
Firepower 920(???) Accuracy 471(???)
Defense 470(???) Evasion 273(???)
Speed 484(???) Luck 100(???)
Range 1-2 Terrain City
Slot 1 lvl. 1
Slot 2 Open after promotion
Slot 3 Expandable after promotion
Slot 4 Expandable after promotion
Slot 5 Expandable after promotion
Request immediate bombing
When break 2 status is reached, the bomb gauge immediately reaches 100%.

Character information

Her body is on the week side and she's not really cut out for prolonged service, but her undeniable skills were forged by her physical abilities, which more than makes up for her shortcomings. Her record in quick battles and strike-and-flee attacks is nothing sort of exceptional.


Event Japanese English
Introduction A Cold War explosives warehouse, West Germany, where the Walther MPL was born. I'm its wielder, Kaname Miyamoto.
Motto I'll prove I won't loose to an MP5.

Character voice

Eriko Matsui


MPL stands for "Maschinenpistole Lang" meaning "long machine pistol"


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