Event 8
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December 28st, 2015 January 12, 2016

From Himeuta

New Years Campaign

1: New Years Log-in Campaign Log in on Jan 1 and receive a special item and limited emblem
2: Character EXP +120% Up!
3: Mercenary Equipment Campaign (crafting) Get some Removers and 5* Equipment
4: Songstress Effects 2x

Event Details & Specials

During the event, after you successfully completed a battle in normal campaign map, there is a chance that you will be able to "open a gate" to the event map, which will last for 2 hours:

Guncolle Event Core Map Open 3
After 2 hours or after you have defeated the boss, the "gate" will be closed, and you will have to "open" it again to defeat the next boss. Defeating the boss counted for B-, A- and S-rank. There are totally 50 Black/50 Red areas in the event map, each guarded by a single boss.

This event has a special feature to it. There is a [Black Version] and [Red Version] for the Boss. Defeating either will drop cores, but depending on which one you fight, a special HP gauge beneath the game UI will decrease. Combining the efforts of all players, by depleting these gauges, special rewards will be unlocked.
The following is the level and colour that is unlocked from a sortie in a given area:
Area 1 LV1~10 Black
Area 2 LV1~10 Red
Area 3 LV1~30 Black
Area 4 LV1~30 Red
Area 5 LV1~50 Black
Area 6 LV1~50 Red
Area 7 LV1~60 Black
Area 8 LV1~60 Red
Area 9 LV1~70 Black
Area 10 LV1~70 Red
The following amounts of HP are depleted based on the level of the boss cleared
LV1~20 +1
LV21~40 +2
LV41~60 +5
LV61~70 +10

Depleting the Black Version to 3 500 000 will unlock LV9 Finance Building, while 7 000 000 will unlock LV11 Finance Building.
Depleting the Red Version to 3 500 000 will add +5% healing to the Infirmary at all levels, while 7 000 000 will add +10% healing instead.

The following characters receive bonuses in the event map
★2 SR PGM Ultimate Ratio
★3 AR L85A1
★3 SG Armsel Striker 12
★4 SG Izhmash Saiga-12
★4 SR M24E1 ESR Cool
★4 SMG MAT model 1949
Damage: 1.5x
Appearance Rate: +5%
Core Drop: +0.1x
Damage: 2x
Appearance Rate: +15%
Core Drop: +0.2x
Damage: 4x
Appearance Rate: +30%
Core Drop: +0.5x

Crafting Campaign

Standard everyone gets a free 5★ equipment Spend 12000 resources or more in one craft and receive 3x Removers Craft a 4★ item (18000 resources) and receive a ★5 bullet

New Scouts

.As usual, their stat comparisons to currently released guns

★4 SMG MAT model 1949 HP: 1st ATK: 6th DEF: 5th ACC: 10th EVA: 1st SPD: 1st Growth: Normal Skill: While Leader, increase the party's evasion by 4% and speed by 40. Really powerful leader skill, increasing speed by 40 points. Her evasion is top notch, and her speed matches that of Vz. 61. Her attack is respectable as well, but she seems to have average accuracy. Overall, looks like a very good SMG with speed.

★3 SG Armsel Striker 12 HP: 10th ATK: 10th DEF: 3rd ACC: 11th (Last) EVA: 10th SPD: 1st Growth: Fast Skill: While Leader, increase the party's defense by 3% A fast SG, very different from the other options. She has nearly 100 Speed over Mossberg, going faster than most ARs, and matching average SMGs. Her weaknesses are her poor attack, abysmal accuracy, and slightly lower HP than other SGs. Despite being so low on the list, most SGs have ~3200 and she has 3050 HP at cap. Her higher defense should make up for the difference. Seems like an interesting choice at the least.


★4 HG M9A1 HP: 3rd ATK: 13th DEF: 1st ACC: 1st EVA: 2nd SPD: 1st Growth: ? Skill: ? She's the 7000 Core exchange reward. Despite being 13th in ATK, her max attack is fairly average. Her strengths lie in her ridiculous accuracy, speed, evasion, and defense. She is by far the fastest character in the game now, topping Colt Python by 133 Speed. Her accuracy also tops Python by over 100 points, who was until now the most accuracy HG, and M9A1 is now the most accurate gun in the game. Only Five Seven has more evasion than her.

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