Event 07
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December 11, 2015 December 28th, 2015

Event: White Lily End of Term Examinations

New girls available for Scouting Christmas Campaign [HP Mini Recovery Medicine], [Examination Hall Key] and [Examination Hall Key Set] available for sale at the store Party Slot [3] added Party 3 is unlocked after clearing World 2. If you've already cleared world 2, run 2-4 (?) one more time to complete the quest

Mini-log in Campaign and Bit Cash Campaign rewards have been distributed

Fixed the following bugs Party 3 not being added bug Recycle menu has a new checkbox added to exclude equipped items Equipment that was in the present box when the balance changes for equipment with negative stats went live have had their stats correctly changed.

Limited Time Christmas Scouting

★4 SR M24E1 ESR (Passion) HP: 7th ATK: 1st DEF: 10th ACC: 1st EVA: 10th SPD: 2nd Growth: Fast Skill: When Leader, +4% Party Accuracy Highest ATK and second highest SPD of any SR. Only faster SR is the Cool Version. She also has extremely high ATK at 40, matching many of the ★3 SRs at 70. Definitely OP.

★4 SR M24E1 ESR (Cool) HP: 7th ATK: 10th DEF: 11th (Last) ACC: 3rd EVA: 11th (Last) SPD: 1st Growth: Fast Skill: When Leader, +2% Party Accuracy This is the event reward version. She's basically worse in every way except some negligible speed advantage.

★4 AR Type 89 HP: 6th ATK: 8th DEF: 1st ACC: 5th EVA: 1st SPD: 1st Growth: Normal Skill: When Leader, +4% Party Defense Very high DEF at cap, and by far highest EVA and Speed. There's only two SMGs faster than her at cap, which probably more than compensates her average ATK. Her defense isn't really the best at 40 though, but it's not bad.

★4 SG Izhmash Saiga-12 HP: 7th ATK: 1st DEF: 2nd ACC: 1st EVA: 2nd SPD: 2nd Growth: ? Skill: Chance to deal 1.3x more damage Extremely 'generous' event reward for clearing 1-60 if you can. Very powerful SG. Her ownly downside appears to be a low base HP and DEF compared to other SGs, so getting to 40 might be tough.

★3 SMG CZ Scorpion evo3a1 HP: 4th ATK: 2nd DEF: 6th ACC: 3rd EVA: 17th (Last) SPD: 13th Growth: Fast Skill: Low chance to deal 1.3x more damage when attacking Another hard hitting slow SMG. Her EVA is abysmal though.

★3 SG Remington M870 HP: 10th (Last) ATK: 3rd DEF: 3rd ACC: 3rd EVA: 9th SPD: 3rd Growth: Fast Skill: Chance to ignore damage from one enemy attack Despite being last in HP at 70, she seems to have high base HP, and extremely high base DEF. At level 40, it's better than the ★2 at 70. The HP difference isn't big anyways, and no one cares about EVA on SGs really. Looks like a pretty good SG.

★3 AR L85A1 HP: 4th ATK: 4th DEF: 14th ACC: 5th EVA: 8th SPD: 17th Growth: ? Skill: Break 2 fills bomb gauge to 100% Very high ATK at end game but her other stats make her a questionable choice. Her DEF is pretty low. AK-47 is a pretty big outlier, but she has more DEF at 40 than L85A1 at 70. Her early game attack seems average, but she has terrible speed and evasion. Not as bad as Type 64 in terms of defense though.

Christmas Campaign

Campaign 1: Whenever you do your Daily Scout or scout using DMM points, gain an extra Chrismas Key for accessing the event map Does not include scouting with scout tickets Campaign 2: 25% Off Sale on many items in the shop New Item Sale [HP Mini Recovery Medicine] 10 DMM Points - Heals 50% HP for girls in Infirmary, can only be purchased once per day [Event Key] 10 DMM Points - 1 Key for the event map, once a day [Event Key Set] 100 DMM Points - 11 Keys for the event map, once a day Campaign 3: Limited [Christmas Emblem] gifted to everyone as a present

Event Details

.Regular Missions will drop Examination Hall Key
Examination Hall Key
which are used to access the event map. Using a key will unlock the map for 15 minutes.

Collecting [Christmas Tags] at the event maps will unlock rewards. There is also a counter for all the tags collected by all players. If this counter is filled, a special Christmas outfit event character will appear.

Currently, only missions 1-50 are available.

Quests: Complete up to 1-20 100% and receive 3x FP-45 ★4 EXP Complete up to 1-60 100% and receive Saiga 12

Event Girls:

★2 AMD-65
★3 KRISS Vector
Card 033

★3 Remington M870 SG ★3 CZ Scorpion evo3a1 SMG

★4 Beretta M92FS
Card 023

★4 Type 89 AR ★4 M24 ESR Passion SR

★2 Damage: 1.1x Key Drop Rate: +5% Christmas Tag: +0.1x ★3 Damage: 1.25x Key Drop Rate: +10% Christmas Tag: +0.25x ★4 Damage: 1.5x Key Drop Rate: +15% Christmas Tag: +0.5x

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